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We Specialize In Providing Solutions For Weight Management

Have You Found It Difficult To Manage Your Weight?

  1. Yes, I don't have my weight under control
  2. Yes, I've tried countless solutions
  3. Yes, I feel like I eat right. What's my problem?
  4. Yes, What is keeping me from losing weight?
  5. Yes, I've been trying to manage it for years

Managing Your Weight Could Be Complicated By An Underlying Medical Condition

If Left Out Of Control, Additional Weight Can Lead To Comorbid Conditions

Call Dr. Jake Schmutz and Take Control Over Your Weight Condition

How Long Until My Weight is Managed?

The initial step is to call us for a consult. Once you begin our easy-to-follow program, you'll be surprised at how rapid and how consistent the weight is lost.

Experience has shown that starting from the first week, you will begin to lose weight and inches from your waist. Your bodies positive response to our scientifically proven diet regimen will begin IMMEDIATELY.

Manage Your Weight Without Stress

Did you know that the more you stress over your weight management, the worse your body will respond. Stress hormones have an effect that will further promote fat storage.

Imagine no longer stressing over your weight. With Integrative Medica, you'll be on a stress free, continuous course for weight loss.

Benefit From Expert Support

Dr. Jake Schmutz has established his career around core principles of a natural approach to medicine. Worldwide results have shown for years that Ideal Protein is an effective way to naturally lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

With Dr. Schmutz and Ideal Protein, you have a winning combination for weight management.

What You'll Get With Dr. Schmutz

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Life Changing Weight Loss in Utah

When Jeremy started the program, he weighed 246 lbs. This was an all-time high weight for him and he was growing discouraged. Despite having tried other diet strategies, Jeremy never found the long lasting results that he was seeking. He hadn’t even had marginal success with other diet strategies

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Salt Lake City, UT

Date: Jun 12, 2015
This has been a life changing experience for me. I'm in my eleventh week. I started the program at 246 lbs and now am at 200.6 lbs. It's been really enriching. People are always coming up to me at work and at church and other places, telling me how great I look they've said that I sound different and look different. It's interesting because even people on the phone who haven't seen me recently, as they talk to me, they say "Hey, you sound different." That's been something that has been very rewarding.

"New Level Of Confidence"

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*Disclaimer: Results May Vary - A customized, three month, satisfying and nutritious meal plan that is combined with educational lifestyle training and a comprehensive health evaluation with follow up by a licensed physician.

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