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Did You Know That 2 Out Of Every 3 American Adults Are Overweight?

Right Now, There Are Millions of People Who Have Succeeded By Following Our Dieting Protocol

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At Integrative Medica, Dr. Schmutz is excited to help you transform your life.

You benefit from a natural approach to achieving health.

Weekly follow-up meetings with our coaching staff make the process easy to follow. Just stick to the plan and you'll see a difference starting in the first week.

Enjoy Guidance From A Medical Professional

With Integrative Medica helping you become more healthy, you will see rapid weight loss results. The quick and continuous weight loss will be a strong motivator to continue.

Alongside enjoying weekly weight loss, you'll see inches come off your waist.

Pull out those clothes you've had stashed away from slimmer days. Or, better yet, get ready to go shopping for a new wardrobe!

Dr. Schmutz Has Partnered With Leaders In The Industry

Dr. Tran Tein, Chanh MD PhD, developed this weight loss strategy based on research from Harvard Medical School. He further adapted their research to integrate psychological components of modern day weight issues.

Dr. Tran Tein, Chanh continues to practice in Paris. He stays busy as the author of 3 books and maintains a guest lecturer schedule.

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Life Changing Weight Loss in Utah

When Jeremy started the program, he weighed 246 lbs. This was an all-time high weight for him and he was growing discouraged. Despite having tried other diet strategies, Jeremy never found the long lasting results that he was seeking. He hadn’t even had marginal success with other diet strategies

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Salt Lake City, UT

Date: Jun 12, 2015
This has been a life changing experience for me. I'm in my eleventh week. I started the program at 246 lbs and now am at 200.6 lbs. It's been really enriching. People are always coming up to me at work and at church and other places, telling me how great I look they've said that I sound different and look different. It's interesting because even people on the phone who haven't seen me recently, as they talk to me, they say "Hey, you sound different." That's been something that has been very rewarding.

"New Level Of Confidence"

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*Disclaimer: Results May Vary - A customized, three month, satisfying and nutritious meal plan that is combined with educational lifestyle training and a comprehensive health evaluation with follow up by a licensed physician.

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