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A MD Diet That's Proven to Get Results

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Join the 7 Million Others Who Have Seen Effective Results With Our MD Diet

Has It Been Difficult To Lose Weight?

  1. Weight Loss is Challenging
  2. There Are So Many Programs to Choose From
  3. You've Tried Them All
  4. You Want A Healthy Way to Shed Pounds

Most Weight Loss Solutions Give Short-Term Results

If Weight Is Not Lost In A Steady, Natural Way, It Will Be Easy To Put The Pounds Back On

An MD Diet Is The Key

Lose Weight In The First Week

Our MD Diet is scientifically engineered to achieve steady, long-lasting results starting from the first week.

With our MD Diet Plan, you'll have a meal structure that is satisfying and hypo-caloric at the same time. The result is a steady weight loss of body fat with preservation of muscle.

It's simple, follow the MD Diet and watch the weight come off!

You Will Have a Better Lifestyle

No more fatigue from carrying around those extra pounds. Imagine not worrying about standing on the scale.

How will it feel to run around like you used to? How about getting off of your blood pressure medication?

You will join the millions of happy individuals who have met their goals with our MD Diet results.

Dr. Schmutz's is an Expert in the Field

Following medical training at Bastyr University, Dr. Schmutz further studied the bodies natural capacity to heal itself.

Extensive education and experience in the field of medical nutrition coupled with diet and lifestyle modification make Dr. Schmutz the best health partner you could ask for.

With Dr. Schmutz and Integrative Medica at Your Side, Your MD Diet Will Benefit From The Following:

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Life Changing Weight Loss in Utah

When Jeremy started the program, he weighed 246 lbs. This was an all-time high weight for him and he was growing discouraged. Despite having tried other diet strategies, Jeremy never found the long lasting results that he was seeking. He hadn’t even had marginal success with other diet strategies

Recent Reviews


Salt Lake City, UT

Date: Jun 12, 2015
This has been a life changing experience for me. I'm in my eleventh week. I started the program at 246 lbs and now am at 200.6 lbs. It's been really enriching. People are always coming up to me at work and at church and other places, telling me how great I look they've said that I sound different and look different. It's interesting because even people on the phone who haven't seen me recently, as they talk to me, they say "Hey, you sound different." That's been something that has been very rewarding.

"New Level Of Confidence"

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*Disclaimer: Results May Vary - A customized, three month, satisfying and nutritious meal plan that is combined with educational lifestyle training and a comprehensive health evaluation with follow up by a licensed physician.

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