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1 Year Later, Keeping The Weight Off And Feeling Great!

When Jeremy started the program, he weighed 246 lbs. This was an all-time high weight for him and he was growing discouraged. Despite having tried other diet strategies, Jeremy never found the long lasting results that he was seeking. He hadn’t even had marginal success with other diet strategies.

Excess Weight Had Slowly Increased Over Time

Like many people, Jeremy hadn’t planned on gaining a lot of weight. As a young man he never encountered a struggle with his weight. Sports, hobbies and recreational activities kept him active enough to not see an accumulation of adipose tissue. Of course, a younger and more demanding metabolism is helpful to burn extra calories each day.

But, much the same as all of us, as he got older there began to be more demands on his time. Things like education, employment, spouse and children all began to consume his time and energy.

Gradually the hobbies and recreational activities were replaced and the calories began to accumulate in reservoirs of fatty tissue. 3-5 extra pounds per year over a 10-15 year period of time. Without noticing, it is easy to see how 50 lbs of weight can sneak up on someone.

Highly Motivated + Custom Plan = Phenomenal Results

It was a pleasure to see the transformation of Jeremy. He achieved the great results that are typical of what our customers enjoy. Having lost nearly 46 pounds in 11 weeks became a life changing event for him.

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Integrative Weight Loss Clinic
7138 S Highland Dr #217 Salt Lake City, UT

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This has been a life changing experience for me. I'm in my eleventh week. I started the program at 246 lbs and now am at 200.6 lbs. It's been really enriching. People are always coming up to me at work and at church and other…

Jeremy | Jun 12, 2015 | Salt Lake City, UT

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7138 S Highland Dr #217 Salt Lake City, Utah