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Trained in Natural Weight Loss Techniques

  1. Bastyr University School of Naturopathic Medicine
  2. One of the few medical schools in the country that offers specialized medical training in both conventional and alternative medicine.
  3. FDA Approved Weight Loss Program
  4. Ideal Protein has been utilized worldwide for over 25 years. It is only offered under the supervision of a licensed healthcare provider.
  5. Voted #1 Diet Program in 2015
  6. As published in Diets In Review, Ideal Protein beat out all of the competition as the #1 outstanding weight loss programs in 2015.

Start Losing 3-7 lbs Per Week

"It Changed My Life"

Our technique and protocol have helped millions of people.  Over 7 million have reported great results by following our weight loss regimen.

Thousands this year will make the right choice for a weight loss solution with doctor supervised Ideal Protein. Dr. Schmutz will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

The Latest Equipment and Technology

We Stay Current On Recent Research To Assure You Benefit From The Best Weight Loss Methods Available

Bioelectric Impedance Analysis

BIA Machine

Results must be measured in order to track progress. One device that we utilize in order to evaluate progress is the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis machine.

The BIA machine incorporates low level electrical impulses and measures the resistance to their flow throughout the human body. The data gathered from this process is analyzed to give a general reading of body fat percentage, basal metabolic rate and muscle mass.

As we see progress in achieving your health goals, we will measure and record the improvements with a reliable method that stands out in the industry. The improvements you see will motivate you to continue making lifestyle modifications that improve your quality of life.

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What Has The Response Been?

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Salt Lake City, UT

Date: Jun 12, 2015
“This has been a life changing experience for me. I'm in my eleventh week. I started the program at 246 lbs and now am at 200.6 lbs. It's been really enriching. People are always coming up to me at work and at church and other places, telling me how great I look they've said that I sound different and look different. It's interesting because even people on the phone who haven't seen me recently, as they talk to me, they say "Hey, you sound different." That's been something that has been very rewarding.”

“...New Level Of Confidence...”

Services Provided

*Disclaimer: Results May Vary - A customized, three month, satisfying and nutritious meal plan that is combined with educational lifestyle training and a comprehensive health evaluation with follow up by a licensed physician.

Your Team of Weight Loss Professionals

Kind and Courteous, Educated and Encouraging


Position: Receptionist
Years of Experience: 5

Brief Bio:

I have been with Integrative Medica since it’s inception. Working as a receptionist in this office gives me a lot of joy. I thoroughly enjoy talking with and helping the patients as they come in to see Dr. Schmutz. Duchesne, UT is where I was born and raised. I lived and worked on a dairy farm there in my youth. The farm is no longer in operation, but we still go visit on occasion for…

Dr. Schmutz

Position: Dr
Years of Experience: 3

Brief Bio:

I’m Dr. Jake Schmutz, the primary physician at Integrative Medica. We live in an exciting time of advancement in health care. Advanced understanding of the human body has revealed a marvelous capacity of the body to heal itself in many regards. This philosophy has shaped my career in medicine. Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to study medicine. My perspective on healthcare was shaped largely by an introduction to integrative medicine while…

What Is Our Story?

Committed To Natural Weight Loss Solutions

Our practice has been developed around the mantra of curing the disease, not just treating the symptoms. Once a body system or systems have been healed of their disease, the symptoms also disappear.

Obesity is a disease of epidemic proportions in our modern society. The effects of obesity are not limited to the physical ailments associated with weight gain. Psychological and emotional distress also take place.

The physicians at Integrative Medica know that a healthy lifestyle solution is within reach. We are passionate about helping you achieve you highest potential. Our additional training includes medical nutrition, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, osseous and soft tissue manipulation, I.V. nutrient therapy, prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma therapy, neural therapy, visceral manipulation, neurocranial restructuring, pain management, autoimmune disease, chronic disease and irritable bowel syndrome.

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